The second half of life..

By twigs

Garden All Blacks

Despite an early promise of better, the dampness continued all day with showers and drizzle happening frequently enough to make it an indoors day.  Well - kind of...........staying under cover but still managing to point the camera at a few garden goings on.  These two looked like they were playing for the same team but in reality, we know they're on very different teams.  To Minnie's credit though - at least to my knowledge - she hasn't caught a single bird.  At 18 months old I feel that could be some sort of worthy achievement.  The birds certainly know when she's around and disappear whenever they see her.  That's quite a different to what used to happen with dear old LB.....they knew he wouldn't - couldn't - chase them and they became very confident, almost cheeky, often hopping around within just metres of him.  And just to be sure there's no confusion, these two were on opposite sides of the garden at totally different times.  We have a long way to to get to a place of mutual acceptance.

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