Here there and everywhere

By digitaldaze

Night Shift in Sao Paulo


In a moment of madness a few weeks ago, I accepted an assessment of a course in Sao Paulo, which is 7 hours behind Barcelona.  When they asked me a few weeks ago, my first thought was no, then I slept on it and thought that seeing as it was a Friday night and that I'd like to keep any Brazilian contacts I have, I may as well.  It's always interesting to see how other centres do things, especially in different parts of the world and share best practice.  In the week leading up to the assessment, I also knew I'd have enough time to go through the portfolios and do the necessary work - probably around 4 hours, which on a f2f assessment is done on the day, actually in the centre.  Doing one online it's easier in a way (but a bit joyless) because you get access to all the documents online and can do it bit by bit and you have the chance to revisit things, which you can't do on a f2f course when you leave the centre at the end of the day's visit.   Sooooo, I went online first at 10.30pm to meet the candidates for 30' and get their feedback on the course.  Then online again at midnight to observe 3 x 40 min lessons, then a short break, then an hour of observing the feedback.   While observing the lessons, of course, I was typing up my feedback on the lessons and grading each one.  You can work out what time I got to bed!  This was a one-off!!   

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