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By madwill

First One Of The Year

Spent the morning prepping salads and setting up for a barbecue lunch. I also made a fruity flapjack for snacks!

Family arrived late morning and we had lunch around 1... here the burgers are just under way. With these we had sausages, pork & pepper kebabs and lemon & herb turkey cooked on the grill. Just after this a red kite swooped down over the garden...maybe it got a scent of the meat...but it didn’t get any!

It all seemed to go down well, the two girls discovered Bombay Mix...and disappeared off to eat a small dish full between them! They also enjoyed looking for Slimy in the garden.

Late afternoon I discovered that Mrs madwill and daughter had been organising for the girls to have a sleepover tonight... so after Mum and Dad left we took the little ones for a walk in the woods to try and tire them out. Back home they had a snack for tea, and have just gone to bed... hoping they go to sleep, although judging by the singing coming from upstairs that may be wishful thinking. I can finally sit down...sadly no beer or wine tonight with them staying!

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