By Beinghere

Persian Buttercup

The day started with haar again, but it burned off by mid afternoon, so slightly better than the last couple of days.  It was been bright, warm and sunny since.

Gary phoned this morning to say that Rosie, his lovely old springer spaniel, who has been poorly recently, had taken a turn for the worse.  So I went round to give her cuddles and say goodbye to her.  He will take her to the vets tomorrow so she can be "put to sleep".  Poor Rosie and poor Gary.  It`s so sad.  

Then Geordie and I went for a walk around the park and the village.  Not very enjoyable as there are far to many tourists and visitors around  I`m just not ready to rub shoulders, or even share a path with complete strangers.  Many of the visitors we get here are from Glasgow and it`s surrounds and their numbers of Covid 19 infections are increasing again at the moment, quite worryingly, so residents here are a bit concerned.

When we got back I decided to photograph the flowers in the garden, which I duly did, then made another collage, in Extras.

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