By helenann

Ducks and a dinosaur

Today I have been doing  some gardening for  my Mother; mostly weeding, so I could plant out some runner beans, French beans, a courgette and tomatoes for her. I was accompanied by a ravenous "dinosaur" (actually Peter the tortoise) seen here eating his most favourite food: buttercup flowers. They are not  supposed to be good for tortoises, in large quantities, but he has been devouring  them, without ill effect, for the 58 yrs  he has been in our family. He can never get enough of them but we do make sure he also gets lots of other flowers and  leaves  such as dandelion, Red Valerian, Sedum, nasturtium,and clover.
He is quite friendly, in a reptilian kind of way, and seems to like  having  his head stroked. 
This evening a pair of mallard ducks came down to the small garden pond for a "wash and a brush up" before  flying off again. I have included a picture of them as an extra, as there seems to be a theme going on among blippers to photograph ducks, and I didn't  want Doris's ducks to miss out on this opportunity. 

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