By MarilynParker

Summer weather

Wow, look at the sky. We had a day of doing stuff at home. Terry was busy making me more planters (ones with trellises) and I scarified the front lawn - there was so much moss and dead grass I think if I had carried on and got it all out there would no longer be a lawn there.
I cleared some dead plants from pots this afternoon and sieved the soil / compost to reuse. The plants were not diseased they were duff plants that I bought - there seems to be a bad habit of places selling plants which have been potted up without root systems. Morrisons is one of the worst culprits. Last year I bought 3 tree peonies on separate occasions and all died - no roots - grrrr! I don't know why I bought more when the first one died - it came in a tiny pot so I thought to transfer it to a proper one and realised it had no root - like it had just been cut off a plant and shoved in a bit of compost! Anyway, one duff plant looked dead but has survived since I popped some rooting compound on it and luck was on its side. Not all the duff plants were from Morrisons but most were.
Rant over!
We tend not to go anywhere much at Bank Holiday weekends as we dread the traffic queues and crowds - especially if the weather is like today.

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