A proper sunset

It's been a while since I've captured a proper sunset.

After weeks of grey wet and cold weather, today would be the day of weather change. Higher temperatures and no more rain is predicted. Because of that, I went out (with Peter) for a sunset photo. Our initial plan was a location I spotted in Google maps near Blauwestad, but once there we noticed we had to pass a fence with a big sign 'no entrance' on it.

Plan B.
Peter came up with the 'Kiekkaaste' in Nieuwe Statenzijl, on the German border. 17 kilometers away from where we were. Agreed!

After a 20 minutes ride and a 15 minute walk we arrived around 20.10 The sun was blocked by clouds but would sink behind the horizon at 21.44. Plenty of time and we saw a cloudless line just above the horizon. We calculated we should be in for a treat.

An yes! Around 21.25 the sun sank below the clouds and set the whole scene on fire. We exposed intensively for a while. Great fun. This is how it should be!

With some nice pixels captured we left before the sun was gone. We had to drive for anotyher 30 minutes and tomorrow is a normal working day.

It was great to be out there again!

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