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Golf - Xray Bravo Oscar Xray

No, not a games console but the registration of the Helicopter that I flew in today, a treat from Joanne for my birthday in November 2019. Only managed it in 2021 due to the Covid nonsense!
For those with great interest in such things, e.g. Bootneck, the aircraft was a BELL 206 BIII: G-XBOX | 01959 788 084 (castleair.co.uk)
What a fabulous experience, and I booked the co-pilots seat so had a great view of everything.
We flew out of Staverton (Gloucestershire Airport, the 2nd busiest in movements only beaten by LHR), went towards Cheltenham, hence the photograph of GCHQ with the Cotswolds in the background and another of Cheltenham Racecourse.
The other two are, one of me in the Co-Pilots seat and the other as we were coming in to land back at Staverton.
The last time I few in something so small was the Chipmunk 'Air Experience Flights' when I was in training 1965/66. Prior to that my only flight was in a glider from the grass on top of the cliffs in South Shields. Where the 'Great North Run' finishes there is a long stretch of green. The glider was winched up, a belly tearing exercise which had me doubled over as if on a big dipper. Once the cable was released I experienced the magic of gliding, it was the most amazing experience and I'd love to do it again sometime, but I have other bucket list things to do first!
I went down the next day to watch it and this is what happened to the same glider I flew in.
Difference being, pilot asked if I wanted to fly over the land or the sea. Me 'Thinks - I can't fly but I can swim' - "Over the sea please".
Jun. 06, 1964 - CRASH! INTO THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR A housewife took an Stock Photo - Alamy
When the text says 'Plunged', it didn't actually plunge. It did a circle, went into a stall, and spiralled down into the roof of the house.

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