By JeanSnaps

On second thoughts.

Got my blip first thing this morning as starlings and their fledglings had arrived. Watched this adult with a beakful of mealy worms about to put them into the gaping beak of the fledgling then having second thoughts and flying off.  Could hardly believe my eyes but the fledgling was able to feed itself.
Had my own breakfast then did all the chores I had neglected yesterday and continued sorting material for my coronavirus diary.  Took delivery of a new fat ball feeder.  My starling scrum knocked the one I had off the pole it hangs on and the lid and handle have disappeared.  Searched everywhere in the undergrowth  to no avail.
Spent the afternoon in the garden digging out some crocosmia and replanting it in containers in the back garden.  I think it should be happier there in the sun.  The geraniums that came on Saturday are now planted after which I spent ages chatting with Andy and Jenny. It was lovely in the sunshine.  Watered the garden then went to the Pillars for a quick shop. Came back to find the starlings had emptied the new fat ball feeder and knocked it off the pole too.  Vandals !  They won't be getting more fat balls any time soon I can tell you. 

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