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Aiden's First Cricket Match

Aiden's First Cricket Match.
We drove over to Downham Market this evening to watch Aiden (Grandchild 4 of 9) play his first game of cricket. He joined the Ely City CC under 12's a few weeks ago and really loves it. 
This match was with Downham Stow. I think he was quite nervous before the game, quite naturally I think. 
He had quite a fan club on the sidelines as Nicki and family had come down to stay this weekend and decided to drive back after the game.
I am still not quite sure of the rules. It seems each team starts with 200 runs. They bat in pairs for a given number of innings
They score 'runs' but loose  five runs for 'being out'. They can gain runs if the bowler bowls a no ball ie wide.
The opposition, the home team,  batted first. Aiden was one of the bowlers and as a grandfather I was very impressed with his first go in a competition.
At the end of the innings Downham Stow had scored 250 so Ely had to score more then 50 to win. 
Aiden was in the first pair of batters and he scored 12 runs. A good first result I think
It was a close match but Ely won 256 to 250
Well done Ely and Well done Aiden.
I really enjoyed the experience and now looking forward to watching another match, by which time I may know the rules of the game. :)

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