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Pretty little Poppy...

Backblipped 31.05.21

Well that was a fairly intense day!

My best friend Agnes makes jewellery, which she usually sells at craft fayres but of course that hasn't been happening during lockdown, so she decided to become more proactive in selling her jewellery and asked me if I would take photos of some of her pieces that she could use on a dedicated Facebook page and on her Etsy page.  Product photography is way beyond my expertise or comfort zone but I said I would give it a go.

She came for lunch yesterday and had to bring her sister's little Westie Poppy, as she is dog-sitting this weekend.  Poppy is sixteen years old, still sprightly but a grand old lady of the dog world who was in no mood to deal with an over-excited and desperate to play golden retriever!  Poppy is completely deaf so thankfully couldn't hear Lola's excited barks!  David and Lola ended up heading out to the Gin Palace and spending the day out there.  No hardship as it was a beautiful day :-)

After lunch Agnes and I set to work.  

We had a chat about what kind of look she wanted to achieve (clean and simple) so I did my best to do as she wished and four hours later we had managed to get through all the pieces she'd wanted to showcase.

When she started making jewellery a few years ago it was mainly beaded pieces, which are lovely, but during lockdown she started making silver pieces and loved it, so that's the direction she's currently taking.  I hadn't seen any of her silver pieces till today and every time she produced a piece, I wanted to keep it!  lol!  (some of them in extras)

Photography done, I got dinner in the oven (another roasting tin success.  Agnes loved it and so did we.) Felt very organised as I had prepared it all this morning so just had to stick it in the oven.

After dinner, we had a good old blether.  Over a year since it's been just the two of us together.  We make up for lost time :-))

Also managed to edit a couple of the photos to let her see and let me know if we were on the right track.  She thought we were.  Phew.  She and Poppy left just after 10pm, but not before she locked herself out of her car!  Much hilarity as the alarm kept going off as she tried to get in!  She eventually got the boot open and climbed in from there!  Very dignified! :-))

I'll work on editing the rest of the photos over the next couple of days then re-size them and get them to her.  I hope she will be able to use at least some of them.

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