Lost in Thought

By steveng

Well Grounded (EB)

I spent Bank Holiday Monday over at Rachel's house fitting three new ceiling lights.  As I may have said previously, some of the electrics in their house is 'interesting',  not dangerous, it just needs a little careful planning and a pernickety approach.   By the end of the day, much of it spent up a step ladder working with my hands above my head, I was cream crackered and very glad of the excellent dinner Tim (our son in law) had prepared.

Clearly, I need to think of succession planning and start training up my replacement!  Ariadne was particularly keen to have a go with my crimping tools and enjoyed putting ferrules onto some of the bare ends of wire. Sadly, she is only 5,  but a start is a start :-)

Yesterdays back blipped starling is much more interesting and has some  bubbly bokeh too!

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