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A Derelict Something

I was out for a walk around 08:30 whilst Mrs madwill had her hair cut at home.

Back home by 10, and then off to the tip with a car full of rubbish - old gas barbecue, broken garden shredder, cardboard boxes galore, old clothes, garden waste, dozens of plastic plant pots plus assorted household waste! Took ages to sort it and unload it into the correct skips.

I then went off on another little walk not far from the tip - and found this twisted heap of metal (had to sneak through a broken fence to get close). Not really sure what it is - looks like some sort of wagon or trailer base. Whatever it is it has taken one heck of a knock to get distorted like it has. I think it fits the bill for Derelict Sunday.. thanks again to Marlieske for hosting.

I may be quiet on blip for the next few days - I can’t foresee much ‘free’ time to post or comment whilst we make a trip to see Mrs madwill’s mother and sister in Bedford. Fingers crossed I will manage to take a photograph every day - even if it is just the hotel or motorway services! Next weekend may be busy on blip for me!

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