horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Otters Save the Day

In all honesty we were both a bit frazzled this morning, and with the wind blowing, and light rain falling, and the temperature a good 6 degrees lower than yesterday.... Neither of us were really in the mood for a walk, and yet we persevered, heading off on a 'short' coastal wander to Renish Point. 

We've done this one before, but didn't have much recollection of it, and really it was just a yomp through some heather until sitting at a rocky outcrop to have some tea, and shelter from the wind, and all of a sudden Mel spotted the first otter out in the sea. 

It kept a distance, and is the first of the extras, alternating between hunting, and dragging bigger catches ashore to deal with. We watched for a good 15 minutes, maybe longer, until he drifted off to some rocks further from shore. 

Buoyed by this, and the fact the rain had stopped and the temperature was starting to climb, Mel spotting a second otter as we made our way inland, but along the shore of the little peninsula, was frankly superb. This one was closer, and I was able to track him from the cliffs only 10-20m or so above. I'd run ahead, then crawl to the edge hoping I'd managed to outflank and see him coming my way. 

I'm pretty sure he knew I was there most of the time, and the blip was one last turn to look at me, before lazily paddling off to a cliff bottom further down the coast. In the extras he can be seen chomping down on something in the rocks, and another with him stretched to full length...

Couldn't resist the sheep extra as well. Ridiculously photogenic, but not more so than an otter.

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