By SamAgainPlease

A morning of reflections...

Well, actually it wasn't really - just another day at the office.  First and only day this week.  I had another optometrist's appointment, so I time my "office" days now with these visits.  My fourth (or is it fifth) in the last month or so.  Once to get the "cut of his jib" (a small one man band set up).  Twice to choose frames and lenses, once to pick up the specs and today to look at replacing the lenses with a different "progressive" configuration.

Perhaps as long as twenty years ago I bought my first pair of multi-focals (or "progressives" as they're now called) from a small optometrist.  Cost an arm and a leg but they were fantastic.  Over the last two decades I've gone from cheaper to cheaper.  The way I see it these days, if I'm not going to pay a high price to get the best lenses then I might as well go to the 2-for-1 shops.  They actually do a pretty good job I've found - but they're not the same.

So, after 15 years or so of rimless specs, I've got a new look and I thought I might as well go for the good ones again.

Jury's still out though, I'll see what I get back in a week or so's time...

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