fools challenge

By ladypop

A pink tree!

Another lovely sunny day.

This morning I spoke to my friend, made some cheese scones, friend came round and we went for a long walk.  Had scones and coffee when we came back.  Did some ironing, had lunch and went to meet some friends in the park, not seen them since last summer so a lot of catching up to do! Called into the churchyard on the way back and watered the plants, pulled a few weeds and then watered my garden.  Had some phone calls and a late tea.  Took the blip on my walk, no idea what the tree is!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and hearts I received yesterday for my 9th blipday.  Appreciate them all, blip is a great site to be on, friendly and supportive.  Thanks to all the hard work that the team do in keeping it going.

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