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We headed south today to get away from the cooler air by the coast dropped into Nine Mile Burn then headed for West Linton.
I was delighted to see the plants for Dale at the post office a great selection inclined lupins which I had been looking for. Not in flower so I'm waiting to see what week emerges I chose two with different coloured stems in the hope that they would be different. They look nice and healthy. They're not as big as the ones in Waitrose but they didn't cost £16 either. I always associate lupins with my parents' first house in Broxburn which I left when I was 5. That and railway lines - they always seemed to grow on the sides of railway lines for some reason.
We had a delicious sandwich lunch and cuppa spring in the sun in the garden of the Old Toll House by the park and river.
After lunch we ambled slowly along the river then headed home.
The lupins along with my pink peony have been planted, here's hoping they like their new home.
Today's blip is the southern wall of the churchyard of the Church of Scotland in West Linton, last time I was there was 15 years ago for Clara's wedding at which Katy sang.
I was intrigued by the beautiful mossy wall and the protruding stone. It looks like a part of a stile , but this one was about 5 feet off the ground. Perhaps the others had been removed at some point, the wall didn't look to have been altered though. There was no obvious equivalent , on the other side either. The extra is from the cafe Garden.
Keep safe everyone, glad to see our local numbers going down again.

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