By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 153: Colourful

I've been enjoying photographing plants, flowers and details recently, so today's Wide Wednesday theme was a good, manageable opportunity to look for wide shots when I went for my daily wander round the garden and orchard. This is the view from the very bottom of the orchard, looking down into the valley. There are buttercups in the meadow, the hedges are white with hawthorn blossom, and the field across the valley has been sown with rape this year; but I think the meadow on the hilltop is yellow with buttercups - there are a lot of very lovely buttercup meadows around here. 

It was a particularly relaxed wander today, as for the first time in fifteen months, J had her lovely PA here supporting her. S gave her lunch, which normally takes up a big chunk of the middle of my day as she eats very slowly, and then took her into the garden to sit in the shade and paint, with hand over had support. We have remained in touch on Zoom and through occasional distanced visits outside the front door, which generally involve cake, but it still felt a big step and a little strange to have S in the house providing hands-on support. J really enjoyed the company, and I was grateful for a peaceful half hour in my armchair with good coffee and a book, as well as some long overdue floor washing. Tomorrow M will be here. I have more books and floors lined up.

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