A Tiny Fawn

For 95 days, I have been walking every single day. I don't always walk at the same time of day, and I don't always take the same path. But there is an easy walk behind our house that is just under two miles round trip, and so that is where I often go. I put on sunglasses, my hat, my walking shoes, my headphones, and I walk with joy, for I listen to amazing music on my little tunes box.

On this day, rain was expected, and I wanted to get out and do some weeding after that. The invasive garlic mustard plants that I've been ripping out come out more quickly and easily when the ground is damp. So I went out early for my walk, to make sure I got it in.

I had just rounded a bend in the road when I saw a blonde woman. I always nod and smile and say hello to other walkers; the walkers around here are so polite that they always give greeting first or happily return greeting. Just a word or two, a smile: Good morning! That is enough.

But I could see the woman's lips moving after that, and I removed my headphones to hear. She was telling me about a tiny fawn she had spotted on HER morning walk. It was just around the corner from where I was heading. "I hope the Mama comes back for it," she said, her eyes worried. "It will," I reassured her; "they always do!" I thanked her for telling me. We look out for each other, we walkers.

And then I finished up my walk, and I went and saw the baby deer, tucked away under a neighbor's tree. It was adorable. Tiny, with lots of spots! I had to have a photo, but I had no camera. (No, I don't take it along on my daily walks.)

So I walked all the way back home and put my camera in my daysack; came back on my bike, nabbed four quick photos. For the last one or two, the fawn lifted its head. I passed a gentle greeting to it, wished it well, and stepped away quietly so as not to disturb it further.

What a little sweetie!

My soundtrack song for this adorable baby is Mark Knopfler, with Darling Pretty.

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