All part of the story

By Treshnish

Watery lily leaves

Meeting first thing at the road end, and then fighting with the internet to resend the video files.  For some reason our internet has gone on a go slow, whereas our phones on the same network are working fine.   Most frustrating.  At one point it said it would take 5 hours to upload a fifth of the files.  

It was a relief to escape and go to meet A in Tobermory who had come over from the mainland to see my exhibition.   We had lunch at the Glass Barn which is a lovely venue to eat but the only gf df choice was soup which was disappointing for me, though everyone else was tucking in to amazing looking sandwiches and platters - and cakes!  

After lunch we walked round Aros Park before heading to An Tobar.  

Back home to continue uploading one video every half an hour.  Nearly finished now. 

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