By dfb24


...that looks a bit like a wrapped gift. (it isn't). I'd meant to have my comments back on by now, but I just can't keep up. The doctor called Tom shortly after his labs were drawn yesterday to ask how he was doing, as his white count was up to 78,000. (normal is 5,000-10,000). I knew it wasn't an infection, but rather the result of his chemo pill converting his blasts into white cells much too quickly. I have Tom put the dr. on speaker phone and I always listen in, as Tom has a tendency (as he did yesterday) to say he was ok when he's not. But the doctor knows him, and asked if I was there as well, & when Tom said yes, the doctor asked me what was going on, so I told him I was concerned that Tom was short of breath in the morning and it was slowly worsening, which the dr. said can be caused by the high number of white cells. He put Tom on three days of a steroid to help his breathing, said to hold the chemo drug and upped the dose of another of his drugs to help bring the white count back down. The change this morning was amazing, as his breathing was normal and he felt so much better than yesterday. We are so lucky to have a doctor that stays on top of everything! I'm picking Mae up at 5 to take her to her dance class and then bringing her home with me, as my daughter has to drive to Chicago to pick up her mother-in-law who is coming for the weekend. :)

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