By Shutterup

A bright end

to a largely dull day. 
As the result of the long year at home my car required two new front tyres. I had noticed over the past week that when travelling at 12-15 miles an hour it felt like the car was wobbling side to side a bit.  I asked the chap to check all the tyres to see if they were the problem.  As it happens one of the tyres I was replacing had a flat area from being parked too long and not moving!  The drive home was much smoother! The tyres were not fully worn but they were perishing... it feels better to have replaced them. 
I have planted lots of things today.. what a relief.  Much less watering will be required now they are in the ground.. phew! Still more to do but I just have to pace myself so as not to damage my back.
A good friend put her house on the market last weekend.  They had 17 viewings over three days then took offers.. she received 6 offers and tonight accepted one so she had Sold it.. at a much higher price than she had dreamt she would get.  Amazing! (quietly rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of what our house might fetch were we to sell it!) We aren't ... yet.

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