Riley Op Art

Spotted this reflection and reminded of an article about the great artist Bridget Riley whose work I've long admired and is still going strong with a new exhibition.
"Born in London in 1931, Bridget Riley emerged onto the art scene in the 1960s with a series of abstract black and white geometric paintings.
Focusing on simple forms, such as lines, circles, curves and squares, Riley developed her own signature style - known as Op Art, or optical art - using optical illusions with the aim of actively engaging the viewer and disorientating them by triggering sensations of movement."
Kirsty Wark has had a rare interview with the now 90 years old Bridget Riley.
I Painted 2 cast metal garden chairs in a satin black finish.
Chicken with lemon mushrooms, yellow peppers, apricots onions, celery and sauté potatoes plus broccoli. Dash of Torres sweet white wine Flores.

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