Almost finished........

........but not quite.

One of the tulips from last week's blip. Still standing tall and only a little faded. I place the vase on the cooktop with the range hood light on. I like the way the petals are translucent. 

We have had a horrible end to the day. The down south kids took their Labrador (Torvi) to their vet to have some mast cell tumours removed. She fitted on the table and they, the family,  have had to rush her to Perth, unconscious, on an IV to the emergency hospital  - three hours - they are shattered. We don't know if she will survive or not. She is only three :-((
So we now have a full house. We met them at the vet's which is 30 minutes away and brought the munchkins home with us. It's just so sad. Miss E is devastated.

The munchkins chose this image :-)

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