La vida de Annie

By Annie

Base naval, puerto de Mahón.

A quick trip into town to collect a few things from the Ikea pick-up point. There is no traditional store here, with the yummy cafe, plants and quirky things you didn't know you wanted. Here it's just a tiny showroom with a load of terminals to order things from the catalogue. These are delivered to the storeroom in about a week from Mallorca, where you can collect them on production of a code. What most people miss is a small machine by the door to take your details and produce a numbered ticket in return. Cue hordes of outraged Brits trying to collect their goods without the ticket, or wanting to pick up and buy goods from the small room displays, all without the hint of mask-wearing of course. I'm not sure how so many managed to sneak in with the regulations as they are, but they do seem to think they can continue to act like they did in the UK. Although some rules have been eased (the curfew, numbers in bars etc), mask wearing and distancing are still enforced here. All locals seem to conform to that without question, and no, we're not sheep being controlled by the government, we just want to protect ourselves and others and get rid of this thing as soon as possible. Yesterday I found out that #2D and her partner have been really ill all week with the new Indian variant, and they have been ultra-sensible and working from home since the start. Also they were due to get their first jab this weekend - what timing! This is not over and never will be unless everyone takes their responsibility seriously. Rant over.
On a lighter note, I saw a young couple come out of IKEA with a load of random stuff, filling two big bags and more. They got on a motor scooter with the girl on the back holding the bags and the other stuff on the platform between the driver's feet at the front. I shouldn't be surprised - in the past I've seen a week's shopping hanging from the handlebars of a scooter with a dog on the platform and a pillion passenger holding a 2-metre plank of wood! Health and safety is not as closely followed as mask wearing it seems.
The picture is of the harbour, including the old naval station in the middle.

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