Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Scaraben above haar

We’ve been away again as there was another chance of a cloud free Munro, so I’m even further behind now so will gradually get back to the present. We stayed the night near the east coast and overnight the haar crept in from the North Sea and we left in the morning just in the mist. As we drove up the road we got above the haar and the blip is a shot of Scaraben standing above the mist. We then went inland to just west of Kinbrace where we parked and cycled 13.5 km to the foot of a couple of Grahams, Creag Mhor and Ben Armine. The weather gradually clouded in but it remained dry and warm. The extra is a collage from our day.
Best on black.
Today’s entry on the Abstract Fiesta journal is Lichen. 

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