Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Being a ballet brother

Carys had an audition at lunchtime. There are no trains all weekend. Typical. So we drove to Cockfosters and got the tube from there. Will came too, although he was warned it would just be a wandering day. He hasn't been to London since before Lockdown 1. Having found the studios we had a coffee/cake while we waited for the allocated time.

Carys dropped W and I walked over the river and up to Covent Garden. I picked up a ballet belt for C as she has misplaced her black one and then we got suncream and travel sickness tablets for Will's school residential.

I grabbed some sandwiches from Tesco for them both and Will are his on the spot. Then we wandered back to the original cafe to wait for the dancer.

She came out happy. This was more for audition practice than anything else. The outcome will be found out in four weeks or so.

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