Wearing purple...

By 60plus

Another ruined gate...

...being eaten up by the vegetation...
Grey skies this morning... but they turned to blue this aft... a lovely pottering day...

I enjoyed my stint as June’s Silly Saturday host – your entries did make me smile, though I may have confused people with the numbered tag... Anyway - I found various entries under SilSJune2021, sils240, sils241, and Silly Saturday – so that was all very silly then...
Thanks to you all for taking part in the silliness, and to honour the memory of the lovely Admirer who so loved this silly challenge ;)

I have given silly hearts to:
Querkypoo's Silicon Valley from the air
Kate64's Bridge of Chives

And I will add more later today or tomorrow for:
ForthPorts' ropeless abseilers
rmeinz's yarn bombing
xrayspexs and "why the long face"
NatureWatcher's clumsy bird
Corona Classics – one from me -  Zigeunerliebe Walzer- Franz Lehár
And one from MrsHCB  "Variations on a Theme of Paganini" 

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