By Ridgeback13


Slowish start again then Kt and I headed down to Dovecot to see the craft fair. There weren’t many things we liked but the last stallholder had some necklaces with tiny origami cranes in silver, some with enamelling. Kt loved them as she’d made so many cranes for their wedding, so I bought it for her long delayed birthday present.
We quickly packed their car up and headed out to North. Berwick (having been stuck behind a tractor for way too long!). Nightmare to park but once we did we ordered some lunch and went for a wander around the town whilst we waited for it, then sat in the warm sunshine with our fish/crab and chips.
We wandered along the beach, with Heston chasing stones that we threw in the waves and loving it, jumping up and down with impatience for the next one to be thrown.
I left them to make their way home - all of a sudden their visit’s over unfortunately - and headed over to view a house for A&N that they like that they wanted checked out. I walked round whilst I had her on FaceTime. It was lovely, perhaps not exactly the location they’re looking for, but a great house. They’re working on understanding the Scottish buying system...this one’s going to a close on Wednesday so they have no chance, but good lesson to learn and they’re choosing well based on this example. Home (the car journeys today have let me catch up with tomorrow’s book group book) and cleaned up and did some laundry, then I’m heading for an early night...busy and big day tomorrow

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