By Beinghere

Leaf Shadows

I`m surprised I`ve got this far - but I still might not be able to publish it.
My internet was totally down yesterday, but is slightly better today.  No idea why.  I never have problems with it - until now.

This morning I worked in the garden for almost three hours; weeding, cutting the grass edge, potting up plants.  It`s never ending, or maybe I make it so.
We would have been out for a lovely walk if Nuttermutt hadn`t been playing sillybuggers again.  He refused to come to me to get his collar and lead on, and if I walked towards him he just backed off.  So I ignored him and just kept myself busy in the garden.  He lay under his parasole on the grass keeping a close eye on me incase I got near him.
After lunch he decided he wanted to go for a walk after all.  He came right up to the door and stood happily till I got him ready.  We went to the woods, which is usually my happy place.  Not today though as I was out of sorts, just not able to relax.  Still, the sun was shining, the woods were quiet, because everyone was at the beach, and the light shining through the trees was making great patterns, and shadows.
When we got back Suzy phoned to see if I wanted to go along and see the girls in their new paddling pool.  They just live in the next village about a mile away.  It was great to see them having so much fun.  Geordie was delighted to be playing with his girls.

There`s no point talking to any more behaviourists about this crazy dog, because none of them can help.  I`ve had dogs all my life who have been well behaved, and did as they were asked or told.  I took pains to train them well, as I tried to do with this numpty.  If only I understood what is going on in his head.  Once we got to the woods today he was perfectly well behaved.  He had his trailing lead and came back to me speedily each time I called him!  Go figure!

Thank you for all the stars and comments over the last couple of days.
I will catch up with everyone at the beginning of the week.
It`s time for a glass of wine, me thinks.

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