By SweetArt

Cooking class!

I'm really annoyed with myself because I accidentally deleted the picture that I was going to blip! And that was the finished biryani! I'm so upset.

Anyway, so here are two of my 'students' who are actually really good friends of mine. Elizabeth on the left and Moulina on the right. Moulina is also my physiotherapist, who can fix anything. She is one of two physiotherapists in DB and is in great demand.

Moulina (and another friend not in pic) wanted to learn how to make a biryani so I decided to hold the class and invited Elizabeth along. She's a great friend and our camping buddy and it was her husband Roberto who brought back my bowls from Dubai. He said he'd appreciate a biryani as payment! My pleasure that shall be, when he's done with all his travelling.

Biryani turned out fabulous, they were super impressed and pleased and I'm very happy. And after a long, busy day I'm exhausted and looking forward to pushing out the zzz's! Good night blip world.

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