By mambo


for my first Zumba session in the village hall since February 2020.
Not had my jazz shoes on for so long they felt quite strange.
They have an exaggerated high instep but are really flexible.
Not the prettiest of dance shoes.
Thank you random-angel for hosting.

There are two sessions of a Monday morning:  high impact or the more dancelike Zumba Gold.
I fluctuate between both classes, the gold session is supposed to be less strenuous but as you can do either at your own pace you can get what you want out of it.
Think l do the same work rate in both ( according to my old fit bit).
Because my back wasn’t too good last week l did contemplate going for the latter but decided to do the the high impact as l have so missed being there in person.
Some people really don’t like this type of exercise but l guess l’m just trying to say how it makes me feel.
Zumba on zoom has been a good substitute but there is nothing like the real thing.
Back was fine, so l was pleased about that.

Took my photograph before l went but writing up this afternoon.
I loved it and gave it my all after a steady warm up, the sheer joy of having space instead of my little kitchen floor.
Must have done me good because on returning home l changed my shoes and did two hours on the front garden and then a quick tidy up in the back still wearing my kit.
I felt so energised, those endorphins had really kicked in.
Had a lovely bath then a bit of lunch.
Now going to have a relaxing afternoon and work out what needs doing in the house before my handyman’s next visit in two weeks time.
I feel a list coming on.

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