By dogwithnobrain

When the morning comes, I will be all right

So at the weekend, I was bimbling about looking in all our lovely little local shops and I popped into Kirstie's Flowers.   Kirstie is who holds the online classes which I so earnestly attend. 

The last class was beautiful peonies,  and since 2 and a half weeks had passed they were past their best.   I've been longing for some fresher ones and I popped in, kinda half hoping they didn't have any because I knew I would succumb. 

"No Peonies? "  I said,  And the chap said, "they've just come in - they are round the back, I'll bring them in".     

And through he came with the most beautiful coral peonies.  All tightly bunched.  

"Oooh," I said. "ooooh", followed by "how much are they?"  

He told me and I (secretly inside gasped), said: "oh, I don't think I deserve such a treat".   I looked at them once more, and said: "yes, I'll take four".

I walked in a daze over to the counter, unable to comprehend how my head had said "I'll take four", and how i was going to explain to Himself the expense. 

I took my card out and prepared to pay for the most expensive thing I had ever treated myself to, and almost passed out when he said,  "£14.00 thanking you". 

Inwardly I smiled to myself, and sniggered out loud a little.  

I wasn't going to tell the man that he had just made me really happy.   

I had completely misheard him, but I was still shaken with the realisation that I had, with only the tiniest moment of hesitation agreed to purchase four flowers at £8.50 each.   

Yes, I had,  agreed to pay £34 for 4 flowers!!!!   

What a fantastic saving that they worked out at £20 cheaper.

As Himself approached, he laughed and said "you gave in and got yourself some peonies?".  He didn't even ask how much I paid - and he wasn't too impressed that I told him they were £3.50 each... and you can just imagine what he said to me when I told him that I had agreed to buy them at £8.50 each.....

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