By Artyfartyannie

Don’t know what this is

But I like it. Today I went to the Smeaton garden centre but it is actually more of a nursery. Lots of things that I would like only I don’t have room for them. I’m glad that now I can eliminate at least 3/4 of the plants that I see in garden centres as I’ve either grown it before or I know I don’t like them or I haven’t got room for it. This plant was more like a tree and looked like a hydrangea of sorts. It’s important what it looks like without it’s flowers. Year round interest is what I would be looking for. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that this would not be hardy in our area. Maddeningly North Berwick is much warmer in winter than Livingston and so it’s plants are so so much the better for it.

C couldn’t go to school today as he was ill yesterday but he was really fine today and he has to be off tomorrow too. I had some time with him while E went to school. Then their Dad brought me tea and the hot blanket for my neck which is still giving me gip!!!!! It was such a luxury for me to be helped in this way as this is what Alan would have done if he was still here. I was a bit sad for him dying so young but so glad that he retired at 50 something after having a stroke from which he fully recovered thus he had at least 20 years of extra quality life with me.
A little jokette..... Cian passed me a dandelion clock and said if I blew it all off I would get a wish....... Esme piped up.... you can forget asking for Grandad back as that won’t be happening. So funny they are.
Angela phoned later

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