Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Friends and dogs

The last lunch with Rachael and Lauryn Before Rachael flies home to Perth, we went to dishroom in Kensington, originally a cinema, they have kept all the art deco features, it is absolutely beautiful and the food is gorgeous.

While Rachael got her fit to fly test Lauryn and I sat in a park full of pigeons!

Then we popped in to the house where I saw Bentley and Leia again, so cute.

Max and I had a nice walk down to Emma’s house, she made a delicious roast chicken and orzo pasta and salad, delicious, it was a beautiful evening, it’s wonderful to be able to sit outside, Lauryn mixed up some porn star martinis for us and we had Kylie Minogue‘s rose which is actually very nice.

I’m really going to miss Rachael.

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