By evolybab

Tiny Tuesday...Green

Oh what a beautiful day, it makes me so happy to see the sun and feel the warmth. Surprisingly, I found quite a few possibles in the garden for today's challenge, but eventually settled on the tiny green tendrils of the clematis, romping away on the trellis....thanks to pinkhairedlady for hosting.:)
I spent almost three hours on the phone this morning, trying to sort out the estimated electricity bill, which has now been passed to the Escalated Recoveries Team!! Five different customer advisors, promised call backs which didn't materialise, and feeling desperately frustrated, I finally spoke to Vikki, who was wonderful! Listened patiently while I explained for the hundredth time, understood totally, spoke to her supervisor, applied logic and common sense and agreed to use my current meter readings for the five days I have had the new meter fitted to work out another estimate......should receive an amended final account in ten days. It has taken two months to reach this point, their estimates were three times my average, I was so grateful to her, I could have cried with relief ....
Just received an email of a whole wodge of solicitors documents...things are progressing :))

Many thanks for all your lovely comments and stars yesterday..it was a very good day x

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