By Maureen6002

295 Shades of Green ........

Inspired by today’s theme of ‘green’, I venture out into the garden with my camera. There have been other adventures today - namely opticians and dentist - neither of which seem to offer obvious blipertunities. So garden it is.

But what green to go for? Inevitably, I’m drawn to my favourite foliage plant - euphorbia - and straight away I wonder ‘does this count?’ Is it actually green at all, or is it really yellow? 

Sarah Raven, my horticultural hero, calls it ‘acid green’, but when I consult the colour chart in the link below, I find it could be Akita Green, Bitter Lime, Chartreuse or Electric Lime - to name a few. It might even be Tennis Ball green - yes really. It’s not quite as whimsical as looking at a Farrow and Ball paint chart, but it does include a very light grey-green called Spring Fog ......

Anyway, satisfied that my euphorbia is indeed ‘green’ I continue. It’s covered with bees, almost rolling drunkenly from bract to bract, liberally sprinkled with pollen. Now they definitely don’t meet the green challenge, but it seems churlish to miss them out! 

Thanks to pinkhairedlady for hosting!

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