By Ridgeback13


Woke early despite my late night last night, and collected V then headed into the office and had a packed day of back to back meetings, but with some good discussions and some chatty interludes, and a lovely slice of homemade pie for lunch thanks to one of the receptionists - we have a great baking/cooking club going on at the moment!
On the way home I thought I should check in the two local supermarkets in case my purse had been handed in. I haven't seen it for ages but have been pretty sure it was lost in the house (since there's been no activity on any of my cards) and have been looking in all sorts of unlikely places to try and find it - very reluctant to stop all my cards and have to replace everything. Just goes to show how I don't use cash or cards directly any more - I just pay for everything on my phone or watch and my laptop has details of my cards so I can shop online without getting the actual card out. Well, blow me down but it was there in the lost property in Tesco's.... everything intact including the emergency £5 note! No idea who to thank but it does underline my general belief that people are far more often good than bad.
Home, chatted to A, and then was in another meeting hearing about the design of a newly commissioned tapestry. So fascinating to hear about all the research and creative thinking that's gone into the original art and then the translation into tapestry. This is the sort of thing we did far more often pre-pandemic and it was fabulous to be back into something other than crisis management!

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