I'm ashamed to say that I didn't see the first fainter crumple against the wall because I was too distracted talking with a fellow-volunteer. I was there a couple of seconds later though, with screens for him and the nurse.

Half an hour later I was chatting with a vaccinee when I saw another start to slump in the adjacent chair and while he was insisting he didn't need to get onto the floor I caught his top half as one of those extraordinary time-travelling nurses caught his bottom half and we lowered him to safety. It amazes me that I can do this - I have never been interested in the physical wellbeing of strangers. Mental, yes, but not physical. But it seems to be a reflex if I am the person best placed to help.

As I cycled homeward into my short street this evening I heard Jerusalema playing then spotted a joyous group at the other end of the street being taught the dance by a spectacular dancer I happen to know. I jettisoned my bike and bag to go and join in but by the time I reached them the learners were swaying on down the street. I discovered that the dancer (in the extra here), her equally talented sister and some others are recording for next month's Cowley Road Carnival: a fabulous community event which will, very sadly, will like last year be only online this year. The first ever tiny Carnival in 2001 was mostly stalls run by community groups and I was looking after one of those with the dancers' mother while one of the daughters danced on the grass in front of us.

Although I see a third daughter fairly often, as she works with my daughter, I haven't seen the dancers for ages and it was a treat to catch up with all three of them.

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