By Doyley22


......and connected (I'm stretching it, I know) with the lighthouse continuing  to operate (I'm guessing) and connect with boaties/ships at night.
I went to North Mole early this morning to see the Red Lighthouse but it's still shrouded in scaffolding and cloth.  It's been such since April.
I imagine it would be difficult to paint with wind and salt flying around.  Anyhow I liked the clouds of the impending cold front and the cloth flapping in the breeze with the seagull a lone figure.

The wind continued to blow a hooley all day although you wouldn't know here.  My weather man for North Fremantle said it was 15.4 at 330pm felt like 10.8C.  I know you Northern Hemisphereans (new word, maybe) would think it warm but for us West Australians it was cold.

Thanks to Bob for hosting today's Wide Wednesday Challenge.
I have cropped some of the cloud out of this shot.

Thank you for your comments and gifts for the tulip yesterday.  The tulips are developing.

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