If At First You Don't Succeed

Keep on trying ... Last year I saw a huge bushy plant with such flowers . I tried and tried to purchase in Berlin but no luck. Early this year I placed an order with an online garden centre Delivery took a month and one plant was broken .Potting was that day .and now they are flowering .Tradescantia or as it's called here Dreimasterblume ( Blau Stein ) Now I want more.My balcony faces South and this beauty flowers until really late in the year. The extra shows it from another angle and there is a second pot with plants in bud. Will get help with repotting once I get  huge ceramic  container.
* today I should have had my 1st vaccine .I've rescheduled it.
 Knowing that the idol of many worked with Wuhan & funded them gives me an unsettled feeling .Having had SARS the early version I trust my gut .... 

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