By Ridgeback13


Day at home in my kitchen office, again with pretty much back to back meetings. News spreading and some reassurance on how future structures and roles will work, but also proposals for a number of other changes that will probably not only the 'back office' impact that is claimed.
AT the end of the day, despite the sun still not having broken through, I set off for a walk and dithered about whether to head for Holyrood Park or the Meadows but then thought I'd go down to the station to see if they could sort out the mess on the train tickets I bought yesterday for my trip to London later this month. When I tried to get a refund on the ones I'd bought in error the website said I couldn't, and there's a two day delay on them responding to email. Of course having marched down to Waverley station in the muggy afternoon they couldn't help me because I bought them online. Sigh!
Passed this ceanothus plant - love the bright blue colour, so it's a rather random flower blip today as I have no more inspiration....!

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