Lost in Thought

By steveng

Raby Castle (widwed090621)

We drove over to Raby Castle today, much more interesting than I expected. The Castle itself has been in a state of development for much of its history.  Some of the stone for the walls was taken from Barnard Castle as the ownership of it changed with the monarch's {insert own preferred phrase here}  Raby has towers dating from the 13th century, but what a visitor sees now is largely the result of many changes and additions over the intervening centuries. e.g. the octagonal section slightly right of centre is an 1848 addition when someone wanted a French style salon.  

The changes are all well connected within the building and outside in the deer park, it does look very connected into the local landscape so I thought it fitted the theme for this week's wide Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my journal recently - connectivity is variable here so I am limiting myself to scattering stars and favourites.

Thanks also to Bobsblips for hosting wide Wednesday.

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