By Charente

Day Lily......

The first ones came out today :-))))

I went into the local shops this morning early to get wine on special - they had already sold out other than 7 bottles.  As they were buy 3, get one free I only got four bottles :-(((  I asked if they had any more to add to the other three and they said no, all gone.  I guess there was someone waiting at the door when they first opened who cleared the shelf!!

The only other thing I wanted was Lea and Perrins worcestershire sauce, or any W sauce if it came to that, but nothing available.  Looks like I will have to hope our friends can get to France from the UK very soon.  Imported goods are just not getting here anymore thanks to Boris and Brexit !

I did some more planting on my return but it was really hot out there and I had to give up, a stupid time to work in the garden I guess at mid-day.  I watered everything after dinner so it at least has overnight before the sun returns.  Temperatures are now just going up and over 30C, no sign of any rain now we need it!!

Dinner was my butternut casserole, with a salad starter and a rhubarb pudding.  I cooked the latter with no sugar and it is perfect, just slightly tart which we both like.  All very low in calories!!!!

Have a good evening everyone, I will catch up with comments when I can.  Thanks so much for the visit.

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