By suehutton

Dancer midst the foxgloves

I spent much of the day trying to rectify my photo website SoozVyooz. Someone had written and said how much he'd enjoyed the photos which urged me on to upload another album of photos. I've given up trying to sell from it. It makes me uncomfortable that all photos for sale have to be displayed at 300 ppi which makes them very easy to copy. And let's face it, you have to be 'a name' these days to sell anything.

When I logged in, I realised that I had forgotten how to organise or customise anything. I ticked a wrong box and apparently lost everything. But I hadn't really. Thanks to very swift customer support, the site was up and refreshed by 6.30 pm.

In the meantime, I had a 121 handover with the RPS web manager who leaves in very early July. She still hasn't found a new job but wants to do something with nature/wildlife. I wish her well. We sorted out one gremlin but uncovered another.

Thus this photo was taken fairly late when I should have getting supper ready. The white foxgloves look stunning.

And I still haven't taken Basil for a walk yet this week.

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