Robin at large

By Robin


On the road today, well on the road for about seven hours. For somebody who has hardly been more than 20 miles from Aberdeen for about 15 months this was a long journey. It took me to many places I did not know existed. That includes Lauder in the Scottish border region somewhere where we stopped for a coffee on the way south.

The building on the right I thought was a church, but turns out to be the town hall. The Black Bull provided the coffee break.

The map suggested we should take the A68 which passes through some picturesque towns and countryside, but sometimes felt like we were on the road to nowhere. Personally I would choose to stick close to the coast and follow the A1.

Lauder may have been about half way in out journey. The road is definitely not one to be chosen by those inclined towards car sickness. I was glad I was driving rather than a passenger. I think I would have been suffering had I had time to contemplate the road. The A68 is not a route I would choose again.

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