By jennyg

My Garden on a Damp Day

Thank you everyone so much for all your good wishes and kind words, I has been a great help to know you are out there. I am sorry I have not felt well enough to return any comments. I hope to catch up soon. 

Today I must say I begin to feel a lot better, the sickness feeling has gone and a do not feel so debilitated. I managed to have a restful day with lots so visitors family doing click and collect my neighbour came around and gave me some ginger to eat as a sweet which I have tried and I is very good and I am sure it will be good if I go for Chemo will be helpful with sickness, it was lovely of her to think of me. 

In the afternoon I had a camera friend come around she is going to take over the U3A Camera group I run, I will then enjoy still being in the group without having to think about it. 

It has been a damp misty day here, but my garden is so full of flowers as the monument I want to share it with you.

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