By JohnW


At last I have remastered boiling eggs!!!
For quite a while I had been having trouble with boiled eggs the way I like them.
They were coming out with one egg ok, and the other not, sometimes just over or underdone, and sometimes part of the egg under or overdone.
I put this down to the eggs being at the coldest part of the fridge, and sometimes being colder one side than the other. 
I started by using my Father-in-law’s method of starting the whole thing in cold water, bringing it to the boil and timing (usually two or so minutes) from when the water boiled.  This had reasonable success, but catching / guessing the ‘at boiling’ point was a pain and got missed so often.
So now the eggs have been moved to a warmer part of the fridge (top), and I have been reassessing the boiling times, and today is spot on.   The outside of the yoke just (and only just) turning solid.
I wonder if I can do the same tomorrow, and it’s not even Saturday yet . . .

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