By misswinterfinch

Best Peony

This white peony just opening today is my most favorite. It has the very best fragrance of all the peonies I have met, in my opinion. I have known the name but it escapes me right now. Something like Marxracowicz (?) I can look it up and correct the blip for future reference.
The fluffy Pink one in the EXTRA is ultra hardy, commonly available, but has less scent.
About peonies: in my long gardening life, wherever I have lived, at the high point of the peonies' bloom, heavy rains come and they lay the down on the ground, often muddied. Staking is essential. The white peony is growing within a metal stand. The pink one is on its own and leans into a miniature yellow rose in bud. Looks okay that way, I think. A yew bush is on its other side
I have been gone most of the day to the city to get fitted (again) for the 24-hour ecg test called Holdor (sounds like Game of Thrones?). My chest is taped with wires for reading my heart rhythm or beating pattern until tomorrow at mid-morning when I drive back to the city to return the package of wires and the ecg box to be read by the cardiologist.The tape is itchy on my skin. I hope this is the LAST time for this uncomfortable experience. Why not just an office ecg??  I think the purpose is to see how much the doubled heart medicine changes the beating pattern. This heart disease is a new diagnosis for my body.

Of course i will refrain from blipping the wiring job on my chest. It probably would not be approved by Blipfoto Control.

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