Again and Again

By Ripitup

For F's sake

Freedom to choose

Retitled today after the first 3 things that I thought of that I was grateful for began with an F

I have been reflecting (very quickly) on my day and three things to be grateful for as I blip.

I am not sure if it is helping my mood or how long I will continue it but I can't think that it is doing any harm.

I'd intended to work in the office today but changed my mind at the last minute. Relocated from my downstairs home office to a spare bedroom where I could stand and work and for a change of scenery

Had several conversations with my team about hybrid working and their intentions if the Government change the guidance from you should work from home if you can next week.

Made a banana milkshake with icecream, hence my gratitude for the freezer today. I know that my ancestors and many others manage without one but it is so handy.

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